About Us

The Board was established in July 2018 following discussions with the General Dental Council (GDC) to advise and raise awareness and understanding of the interplay of the Human Factors affecting the provision of high-quality dental care resulting in unforeseen and adverse outcomes that may compromise both team and patient safety.  

The Board aspires to move mindsets from fear of ‘retribution and reprimand’ to openness channelling the concept of ‘something will go wrong and how are we going to deal with it’ at an early stage in professional development embedding this ethos into the day-to-day working environment. We aim to do this by:

  • Providing clarity on the types of events/mishaps in dentistry that could compromise patient/team safety
  • Establishing an understanding of what constitutes a mishap that should be discussed
  • Providing an explanation of the different terms used to describe such events in dentistry
  • Encouraging a culture of open discussion and dialogue to promote a learning environment thus moving away from the culture of ‘blame’
  • Highlighting the importance of recording and reporting events at a local and national level to drive and foster a learning culture

The Board, therefore, hopes early awareness of the role of human factors will foster a culture of openness and empower people with the confidence to share their experiences.  

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